The Teamster Horsemen Motorcycle Association Inc. A 501-C7 not for-profit organization Incorporated in the State of Illinois, with principle offices located in  Sugar Grove, Illinois.

The National organization shall also be the Main Association for  all  Affiliates, and shall have  jurisdiction over all Chapters affiliated therewith  and over matters pertaining to the  membership of such Chapters.

Our Purpose

It  shall  be  an  objective  of  this  organization  to  raise  funds  to  help  our  brother  and  sister  members  within  the  Teamsters  Union  and  to  donate  to  charitable  organizations  especially  children’s  organizations.

It  shall  also  be  an  objective  of  this  organization  to  unite  as  brothers  and  sisters  and  ride  motorcycles  for  the  enjoyment  of  the  ride  and  to  be  a  family  oriented  association. It  shall  also  be  an  objective  of  this  organization  to  help  our  brothers  and  sisters  who  are  on  the  strike  line  by  riding  in  and  joining  them  when  at  all  possible.
      It  shall  be  an  objective  of  Teamster  Horsemen  to  persuade  and  encourage  Chapters  and  members  under  the   jurisdiction of the National Chapter to  remain  members  in  good  standing  of  Teamster  Horsemen  Motorcycle  Association  Inc.  to  engage  in  proper,  reasonable  and  legal  activities  designed  to  persuade  the  public  of  the  desirability  of  a  Teamster  Horsemen  Motorcycle  Association.  
      It  shall  be  our  objective  to  seek  proper,  reasonable  and  legal  means  whereby  we  may  protect  our  organization  from  any  threat  caused  by  persons  outside  or  within  any  Chapter.

Our Pledge

We pledge that as members of the Teamster Horsemen, we above all others shall set a good example and never bring dishonor to this organization or ourselves.

We pledge that we will support our brothers and sisters in the Teamster Horsemen regardless of race, creed, color or national origin and will never knowingly harm or bring reproach upon a member of the Teamster Horsemen or this organization.

We pledge to combat any forces which would seek to undermine or bring reproach on this organization or the Teamsters Union, and we shall always strive to bring respect and dignity to this organization.